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Chicago fishing: Belmont fee

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Several readers report another insult for Chicago fishermen: a $10 charge to go into the main lot used by fishermen at Belmont harbor.

I'll try to do some followup in the next day or two. Apparently, it went into effect yesterday.

A gate is in place that takes $10 via credit card or cash.

I would almost understand if it was put in place during the crunch of the main boating season. But this the beginning of the off-season.

Used to be this kind of stuff would be handled at Mayor Daley's Fishing Advisory Committee. We are in a time of change.

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What would the great Daniel H. Burnham say about the ever-increasing pickpocketing of common folk by corrupt city government?

At least we fishermen still have Northerly Island.

For now.

I have recently spotted new survey markings at the western boat ramp does this mean a gate will be installed and our seasonal pass will run out soon (the ones we had to purchase just after the 4th of July) and they will get us for another 250 bucks! On any(summer) weekend there is at least 12 boats there all that money (25 bucks a pop) the garbage is always overflowing,the weeds are over growing the walkway so a handicap user is blocked out of going on the pier, security has not improved much the lights are not timed for the season (they go on after sunrise off before sunset,Yeah the green city)Come on already "Flood disposal""Westtrec marine" "Chicago park district " when is it going to end! say the least...

soon we will probably have to pay for Montrose Harbor

Wait 'til Emmanuel is mayor.

The Chicago Lakefront will be about as accessable to the public as Gaza Strip.

Maybe the folks in charge are reading the Sun times outdoors blogs the garbage was picked up (about 30 bags) the lights are now timed to go on after dark and the weeds got trimmed . The old guy with the walker looked so happy to be on the pier tonight ABOUT TIME! Lets see how long it lasts. Maybe the mayor is going to visit?

Re: Western Ave Boat Launch. It cleaned up quite nicely. Hope it stays that way.----- The surveyors were there today, and boated over to the RR bridge piers. Apparently some major RR work upcoming.

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