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Chicago fishing: Another lakefront walleye

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The story on Jobet Palmaira catching a 28-inch walleye at Belmont Harbor on Sept. 18, brought another account of a walleye caught in September on the Chicago lakefront.


I held off running the photo, but think it is worth posting as a piece of a history.

Plus there's a part of me that loves the immediacy of the photo. It shows how much walleye catch is a piece of the heart when it comes to Chicago fishing.

Here's the note on Dan O'Brien's catch from his buddy Terry Kelly:

On September 8th at 4:45 a. m. Dan [O'Brien] caught a Eye that was identical to the one in the picture, fishing at DuSable Harbor. I netted it, we were fishing for Kings and he got it on a glow Thunderstick. We released the fish in good health and we did get a picture on a cell phone, but it is pretty dark. I would say he went all of 27, 28 inches and extremely healthy very wide fish, eating good. He considered keeping it to put on the wall, but I thought 10 lb. was a good cut off.

I think 14 pounds, 1 ounce would be an even better cutoff.

The Illinois record of 14 pounds was caught by Fred Goselin from the Kankakee River in 1961.

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