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Buck of the Week: On your mark

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Time for trail cam photos, and William Barrett sent a good one with a apt quip.


``Here is a buck from unincorporated Lake County, Illinois,'' he e-mailed. ``If I arrow him during season, I will forward on the picture.''

Bowhunting for deer in Illinois opens Friday.

BTW, Barrett kind of ties together two features: the original Buck of the Week, which honors hunters and their big bucks, and BOTW: Unplugged, which celebrates live big bucks around Chicago outdoors.

BOTW runs Wednesdays on the outdours page of the Sun-Times when I get enough photos from hunters stockpiled, usually starting in November.

BOTW: Unplugged runs Sundays on the outdoors page of the Sun-Times, when antlered bucks are around. An online version appears here, usually on Sunday during the season.

E-mail nominations for either BOTW or BOTW: Unplugged to

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