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Charles Demuth: Doves, lines & squirrel

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I am drifting far afield with bringing Charles Demuth into a Web log on the outdoors.


But sometimes I just have to go where my mind flows.

For years in August, i have watched where doves congregate on wires, so I can take photos as a lead-in to dove hunting opening on Sept. 1.

Most years, I wait until the last week of August to actually take the photos.

This year, I thought I would try to get ahead for a change and take photos earlier in the month.

So I was out one morning this week, snapping a couple dove photos, when this squirrel decided to scamper from the transformer down the wires and into the photo.

And I kept clicking.

For years, doves on a wire reminded me of a modern American art class I had in grad school. At first I just assumed it clicked with something to do with modernism.

Then this morning it came to me: Charles Demuth.

I knew the painting of his I had in mind, but couldn't remember its name.

A little digging around, I found that it was ``My Egypt.''


It's the lines that my brain connected.

Speaking of connections: In a despair filled year between college and grad school, I lived right around the corner from where the Demuth Museum is now.

Funny how things click in your head.

Click here for a good quick read on Demuth. Click here for a bit on Demuth from the museum view.

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