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Walleyes Chicago: ``Fishing with a Vet''

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Walleyes Chicago is hosting a ``Fishing with a Vet'' day on Sept. 18 on the Illinois River at Spring Valley.

Here are the details from Walleyes Chicago president Barry O'Flynn:

We are hosting a "Fishing with a Vet" day. This event is going to be on Saturday Sept 18th in Spring Valley, IL at the Spring Valley boat club. We will be launching at 8:00 am and returning at 2:00 pm. We will be having a barbque afterwards. This is an opportunity for vets to come out and enjoy a day of fishing on the Illinois river with our club members. We will supply all boats, tackle, bait and a barbque afterwards. Vets only need to show up with fishing license and there personal gear. Since this is our first year doing this we are limiting the # of spaces to 30.
If you know anyone interested or can help us get the word out please let me know. I can be reached via email

This is a small way of saying thank you to all Vets who have sacrificed so much in order for us to enjoy the freedom that we sometimes take for granted

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Dale, Thanks for posting this. As Barry has said, it`s our first year doing this and we have the Spring Valley Boat Club helping us out. The fishing is great on the IL now and our club is looking foward to this outing.If a vet would like to go or anybody that would like to get invloved, contact Barry and we can get you on the list.
John Mannerino

Sent an email volunteering me ansd my boat...

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