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Stray Cast: Crosstown floats

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It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

After all, this Web log is named for the Stray Cast, which has snapped off the end of the outdoors column in the Sun-Times on Wednesdays since April 2, 2003.

Here's today's:

One team feels like shooting Wildcat Rapids on the Vermilion, all spray and rocky pandemonium on a white-knuckle ride. The other side? Floating a tube in a becalmed subdivision pond, all mosquitoes and small irritants on a trip nowhere.

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More like you get a major backlash you can't pick out, the tube springs a leak in the middle of the pond and when you get back to the car you have a flat tire and a dead battery. Major problems that call for major changes that aren't forthcoming for one team.

What team has lost 4 of there last 5 games. I thing both teams are OUT of first place. Who's on a floating tube now!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad Ken S. is around to remind us that not ALL Cub fans are raving, well he's a very good fisherman. At least I thing so.

I tend to go the other way, so to speak, on Ken S. He tends to prove Cubs fans are, well, a lot of things.

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