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Squirrel hunting: My last time?

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BEAVERVILLE, Ill.--While squirrel hunting Thursday morning, I had one of those breakthroughs you have if you live long enough.


For years, the only reason I went squirrel hunting is as an excuse to wander the woods in August.

That's one of the advantages of squirrel hunting in Illinois, it opens Aug. 1.

I haven't shot a squirrel in many years, yet I wander the woods nearly early year at least once for them as an excuse to be out.

Thursday, while enjoying a wonderful summer morning at Iroquois County SWA (including watching dawn through the trees), I realized I don't need the excuse any more.

I'm old that I don't really care if I'm considered odd to simply be wandering around the woods.

Writing about squirrel hunting in northeast Illinois in the Sun-Times outdoors page today might be my last time writing about it from the participating end.

I have nothing against squirrel hunting, but neither do I enjoy eating them enough to justify the work of cleaning one.

And I'm not one of those who make up fanciful culinary excuses for hunting things.

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If getting enjoyment from aimless wandering in the woods makes one odd, then I have been odd all of my life. My 14-year-old boy also, is odd.

"Not all who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien

I feel almost proud, somebody quoting Tolkien, and a worthy quote at that.

Forgot to attach my name to that post. The Lord of the Rings series are some of my favorite books and that quote might be my favorite line out of those books.

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