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Ramble with Storm: Morning mists

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Morning mists hung over the town pond this morning.

And it struck me how few times this summer Storm and I have rambled around the town pond with wisps of fog over the town pond.

I have been doing a morning ramble for more than a decade, first with the late and much missed Flash, and the last few years with Storm, and I don't ever remember so few mornings with a nice mist or fog in a summer.

It's been so hot much of the summer that rarely did those form.

Now we finally get a morning down around 60 or less and, bingo, morning mists form over the 80-plus water.

One of life's simple pleasures, a reward for being up early enough, is the sun coming up red, like a line from Homer--``rosy-fingered dawn''--through the mists out over the pond as Storm and I approach from the gravel road.

From the forecast of a string of late-summer or early-fall type weather, I think we will see a lot of that this week.

It will be a nice break.

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