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Chicago fishing: Monster brown trout

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Yet another monster brown trout has come from Lake Michigan, this time on a boat out of Chicago.


On Sunday from the water, Capt. Gregg Pavalon sent a note:

Running a charter today we just caught below Monster Brown trout. Will weigh on shore but est 30lbs....
Boat: Kingfisher
Angler: Salina Wunderle

No word yet on more official weight or other stats. But that's a helluva fish, though I'm not sure it will hit 30. It would take a strong woman to do a one-arm hold on a 30-pound brown.

Hoping to have details this morning.

It is under the Illinois record and the world record, but joins a list of monster browns coming from Lake Michigan and its tribs in the past year.

The International Game Fish Association, keeper of world record fish, recognizes the 41-pound, 7-ounce brown caught by Tom Healy from Michigan's Manitstee River on September 9, 2009. Click here for their official report.

The sllightly bigger one, just caught by Roger Hellen during the Salmon-A-Rama tournament out of Racine, Wis. on July 16, is a pending world record.

The Illinois-record brown (36 pounds, 11.5 ounces) was caught by Deva Vranek east of Burnham harbor on June 22, 1997.

Vranek's fish still has sentimental value for me. It was my first major record fish story. I remember rushing to photograph the fish at Henry's and talk to Vranek, postponing by a couple hours a long-planned trip to visit my folks, both of whom were still alive then.

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1 Comment

Regardless of whether or not it hits 30lb. even at 20lb. it's still a gorgeous fish to behold.
Thank you for sharing.

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