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Illinois deer: IDNR-angle info site

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The IDNR has just started a site on Illinois deer, and it's fascinating reading.


I don't care if you're just somebody who likes to look at them at the forest preserves or hunt them from a deer stand, it's interesting to see the official take on Illinois deer.

Here's the announcement:

"Living with White-tailed Deer in Illinois" Website Launched

Valuable resource for Illinois landowners, hunters

SPRINGFIELD, IL - A new website, "Living with White-tailed Deer in Illinois," has been developed through the cooperative efforts of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), University of Illinois Office of Sustainability, and University of Illinois Extension.

The website provides Illinois residents with information about how to coexist with Illinois' white-tailed deer. The website focuses on white-tailed deer natural history, the IDNR's strategy for managing the deer population, damage prevention and abatement techniques, public health and safety information, what to do about injured or orphaned deer, and the role landowners and hunters can play in managing Illinois' deer population.

The link to the new website is

The IDNR manages deer in order to provide quality outdoor recreational opportunities, while also attempting to minimize negative human-wildlife interactions and threats to public safety, especially deer vehicle collisions. White-tailed deer are the largest native mammal found in Illinois, and many people are very interested in the proper management and continued welfare of deer in the state.

People have varying interests regarding Illinois' deer. Some are concerned about deer-vehicle accidents or damage to landscaping or crops; others enjoy hunting, photographing, or watching deer; while others have interest in commercial aspects of deer. These numerous and often conflicting views make management of Illinois' deer challenging. The cooperation of neighboring landowners and land managers is essential to maintain deer numbers at acceptable levels. The keys to successful deer management are hunter access to private land and adequate harvest of a significant number of does.

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