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Illinois deer: EHD perspective

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Here's the perspective from Paul Shelton on whether the epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) outbreak around Crete means anything larger about Illinois deer.

Illinois' forest wildlife program manager e-mailed,

At this point, just seems to be a relatively isolated event. Normally, if we were going to have a more widespread event, we'd have received a number of reports from a variety of locations by this time of year.

The last major outbreak in 2007 impacted deer in more than half the counties in Illinois. This would appear to minor by comparison.

Click here for the news story in the Sun-Times.

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My dog ate bit of the meat from a dead deer in the woods this past spring. Does anyone out there know if this disease has any effect on canines? From what I've read, EHD kills deer pretty quickly. My dog seems fine. I'd just like some reassurance that he will continue to be. Thanks.

I don't think so. But it is a question I will try to get somebody with better knowledge to answer. In fact, I was hoping somebody would have answered by now.

Shelton confirmed ``EHD is not a threat to dogs.''

Heard that there were 30-40 dead near Richton Park, IL from a customer who lives there. Says they keep the windows rolled up when driving near the woods, due to the stench.

I dont know how many deer here in Dyer, Indiana have died but I do know I have seen a few dead ones behind the hospital in Dyer, Indiana on the walking trail near the creek. It has smelled of death for weeks now. I walk back there everyday. Just seen a baby deer dead back there yesterday. Its so sad we usually see alot of adult deer back there but for a month now I have not seen one adult deer.I have been seeing baby deers all together like 6 baby deers back there but now there is only one. I hope this last baby deer makes it. The neighborhood I live in we were all talking and saying how we dont see deer crossing through are yards anymore its like they dont exsist its so sad.

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