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Fish of the Week: No-wake wonders

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No-wake restrictions on the Chain O'Lakes work wonders for fishing.

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Take these two Fish of the Week nominations. That's Nancy Brow with her first bass, a nice smallmouth form Pistakee, and ``Cuz'' Bobby Meister with a 35-inch muskie caught on light line near Grass Lake Road.

Both were caught Saturday while the Chain was under no-wake restrictions.

The Chain (Zone C) was at no-wake from July 26 until Sunday afternoon. No-wake restrictions were lifted on the upper Fox River (Zone B) at noon today, while no-wake remains from the Stratton dam downstream on the Fox (Zone A).

First Brow's story from her husband Mark Brow:

My wife (Nancy Brow) and I were fishing on the Chain of lakes on Pistakee during the no wake Saturday the 7th and she caught a nice small mouth on a plastic worm at around 2:00 in the afternoon .What makes this special is that it was here first bass caught, usually she just just goes along to get out on the boat but she decided to try fishing with me (made her get a licence). They should have a weekend every year that has the chain no wake, great to fish with out all the waves and no noise even in the afternoon.

While Brow's no-wake weekend on the Chain is a fishing idea, it will not happen. However, in recent years, no-wake restrictions have become routine. And smart fishermen take advantage of those idyllic times.

As did Mike Jarvis, the two-time qualifier from Taft for the state high school bass fishing tournament. On Saturday, the family rented a boat at C.J. Smith Resort.

Here's Jarvis' nomination of his cousin:

I have another fish of the week. Except this one wasnt caught by me, unfortunately. it was caught by my cousin "cuz" bobby meister. We went to the chain of lakes last saturday (8/9), renting a boat out of cj smiths (spring lake). We planned on staying close due to the high water ( no wake). We had great luck catching keeper white bass! i personally caught 12 on 12 casts, and still missed a couple more! Since we were actually catching fish, we called our cousin bobby to come out and catch fish. We fished all day and continued to catch keeper white bass. towards the end of the evening we started using very small little cleos (spoons) to catch them. He was using a silver, 1 and a quarter inch spoon. I say a eighth ounce? when he caught this 35 inch muskie. I know its not the biggest, but for the dog days of summer, and on 8 pound test with a 6 ft light action spinning rod it was fun! in the end, we ended up wih 40 or so white bass, a couple largemouth, and two other muskies that we never landed. One near the 40 inch size, and another little snake of a muskie. All in all, I would say with the high water, the muskie and white bass are biting! also there isnt too much boat traffic!

That's the beauty of no-wake fishing.

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