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Fish of the Week: Gap-toothed bluegill

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Mike Matuk nominated his daughter Samantha for Fish of the Week for this bluegill from a Streamwood pond.


The Streamwood man sent this:

My 5 1/2 year old daughter Samantha Matuk and I took a quick trip out to a local pond near our Streamwood home Sunday night [in late July] for a little bluegill and bass fishing action. Sam stole the show when she hooked into this 10 inch monster 'gill on a 1/16 ounce jighead tipped with Gulp! Natural White Spikes on a bobber. The fish spit the hook at shore but dad was able to grab him before he got away. The excitement on her face says it all...

It does say it all.

And I love it, and we have a good FOTW.

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I think the real reason you picked young Samantha for FOTW is because you both obviously have a "thing" for Justin Beeber. ;)

Ed, I was trying to figure out who was on her tee-shirt, it made the photo rather interesting, and finally one of my kids gave me that duh? look and agreed it was Justin Beeber.

Ed, I don't know that I'd admit I knew who "Justin Beeber" is! Hahaa.
Nice fish Samantha! You're dad is a heck of a fisherman!

it's Bieber!!!! DUH!

Nice fish Samantha!

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