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Fish of the Week: Albino catfish

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Mike Hentgen caught this albino catfish, a Fish of the Week first, while fishing the subdivision pond where his sister lives.


Here's the word from Chris Kuchyt, Oak Lawn Community High School Fishing Team sponsor:

I wanted to share this picture with you of a student by the name of Mike Hentgen who made a very unique catch earlier this month. He's a member of the Oak Lawn Community High School Spartan Fishing Team. While fishing the subdivision pond where his sister lives, Mike hooked into this albino catfish. Mike is one of the best and most knowledgeable catfish fishermen on the team!

I like that story. And it is something different for FOTW.

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If this goes thru it's a miracle because I think I told you a while back I'm not good with computers and was unsuccessful trying a different route to reach you. Sorry if not exactly to subject. I thought you'd enjoy this story. About 3 weeks ago I was fishing the Fox River (won't say where because I still want this fish). I was workin a nice hole for a couple hours with nothing and left one rod in a rod holder while working with a lighter one. I use Zebco 33's on various rods with Power Pro line of different weights. I tossed a Canadian nightcrawler with a slip sinker into the heart of a small pool and went back to tossing the edges. A little later I notice the tip of the set rod bouncing a little and go over and notice a decent tug on the rod as I lift it. I set the hook and still just a decent tug. Since I have 20# PP on this line and think it's a small fish I lean into it and start dragging what I thought was a 4-5# cat out of the hole. I'm higher than the hole and have a good view. I see a decent swirl as this fish swims a's not fighting. So I really lean into and drag what feels a little bigger.. about 10 feet...then another 10ft and I get a look at what was either a 48" flathead or very damn close....mouth could have put a soccer ball in there. This is when it decided enough of this and exploded back toward the log jam it came out of. Bam...the line breaks...which was odd because I swear you could tow a truck with that stuff. Once reeled in I find it broke the hook. I won't say whose hook it was because it was very undersize for a fish this big...not the hooks problem. If I had not pointed the rod straight at the fish it would have broken the rod. About an hour later I lost the same fish the same way. I'm going back as soon as I can with bigger hooks!

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