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Fish of the Week: 7 kids for summer

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Gregory Alderton, 5, is well known for catching big fish in the ponds around New Lenox with a night crawler and a bobber, and is one of seven to earn Fish of the Week honors in a special back to school edition.


``He jerks the bobber around until he lands the big one,'' his dad Greg said.

fotw8-25-10-2rs In July, Jordan Michael Jackson of West Pullman caught a 25-inch, 9.5-pound bigmouth buffalo at Plainfield Fishing Resort in the southwest suburbs.

Gracie Brasfield beat the boys on her first bass outing on July 22. At a pond typical to suburban Chicago fishing, she latched into other good fish with a minnow under a bobber. fotw8-25-10-3rs

``She beat the boys in their own game and loved it,'' proud dad Travis Brasfield said.

He also added, a perfect scenario for taking kids fishing:

My friend Ed and I met up a local pond right after work. Between the two of us we had packed cars full of chairs, gummy worms, cookies, paper candy buttons and a cooler full of water - ready to go on a misson.

fotw8-25-10-4rs Alex Olear, 11, of Pleasant Prairie, Wis., kept alive the family tradition, landing this 14.3-pound lake trout while out with his granddad, the venerable Jerry Pabst, on Capt. Bill Kelly's Leprechaun charters out of Diversey harbor.

In another girl beats boy tale, Michelle Cozzie of Berwyn brought in a 13.75-inch perch weighing 1 pound, 2.3 ounces in late July. It topped the perch (1-1.8) her brother Michael caught a couple days earlier and entered in the Richard J Daley Memorial Sportfishing Derby.


I most love, if you look close in the photo, that somebody at Henry's, where the fish was weighed, had to hold the perch for the photo.

fotw8-25-10-6rs Kody Crifase, 10, caught this 18-inch, 4.5-pound largemouth bass on a popper at Woodhaven Lakes in Sublette on a trip with father and grandfather. His first largemouth will be mounted.

fotw8-25-10-7rs Andrew Peterson of Mount Greenwood caught this nice salmon (just under 30 inches and about 15 pounds) while fishing out of Waukegan harbor on Fin Addict earlier this month on an outing with his godfather E.J. Errico.

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Best F.O.W. ever. *applause*

Thank You for having this for the kids. It is the simple kudos like these that keep them interested and excited about the sport.

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