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Chicago River: Alligator video

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One FOX Chicago News video crew may be the luckiest alive: they caught the North Side alligater on video this morning.

Click here to see it.

No, I don't want Stray Casts devolving into the style of ``Little Tommy'' animal stories, but this one is a doozy and the second time this month a gator has been found on the Chicago River system on the North Side.

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1st we get national attention with a fish, now a gator. Whats next Dale. Man if we could get a bald eagle downtown, that would put the iceing on the cake!!!

John, bald eagles nesting on the SE Side, a cougar gunned down on the NW side, coyotes running around downtown, deer near downtown, otter downtown on the river, beaver on the lakefront . . . I think the only thing we are missing is a sturgeon at Monroe harbor

Anyone who has followed this story has seen this self proclaimed "Alligator Bob" who said I annoyed him while he was trying to trap this "poor" gator. So what that I hooked it with a scum frog, had I got it too the boat Id have put a knife in its scull. This is not tickel me elmo it is a dangerous invasive speicies that threatens the many hard gains of the Chicago river echeosystem. For one the rare river otter,it would take short work for a "cute" gator to wipe out this years litter. Also when the "Experts" tell us that they (the gators) can not live threw winter with all the ice and snow,I ask what about the warm water near the power plants it would be a great place for a gator in the winter with lots and lots of fish too eat. Jeff Nolan...Bridgeportbass

Hey Jeff, this little thing is about as big a threat as a large gecko....there's no reason to engage in exaggeration and fear-mongering. We have enough of that already with the asian carp situation.

Who is this "Alligator Bob??????? in the time it took him to set traps someone else had already hooked the alligator. I think the 'knowledge' that these captors think they have is more complicated then it really need be. 'Stay away, don't go there, leave him alone, what are you doing??? Evidently someone else knew what they were doing or they wouldn't have hooked it.

Alligator Bob? Whats next carp catching Carl? That guy had it let him make a skin out of it! It was cool to see a fisherman out do Alligator Bob.He's got nothin' on us!

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