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Carp: Britain's king ``Two Tone'' is gone

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``Two Tone,'' Britain's greatest carp, has been found dead, apparently of old age at 45, and will be buried with ceremony.


The photo above, of John Bird with a catch at 67 pounds in April, 2008, is from Carpfishing UK.

And there is a huge difference between how carp are viewed in the old country, and over here.

As these two graphs from the story in the London Evening Standard sum up:

The fish will be buried next to Conningbrook Lake at Mid Kent Fisheries in Chilham, near Canterbury, next weekend and a plaque will mark his grave.

Anglers will hold a wake and raise a glass of champagne for him afterwards.

I find that just amazing, and sort of wonderful.

And thanks to The Outdoor Pressroom for the heads up.

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1 Comment

Several regular Stray Casts commenters will be flying over to England to protest the ceremony.

Seriously though - nice article Dale. Very interesting, the difference in perception.

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