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Buck of the Week: Tracking Chicago's south suburbs

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Nick Epley nominated this velvet buck from Flossmoor for the Buck of the Week: Unplugged.


The University of Chicago professor sent this story:

My wife, Jennifer, walked out into our backyard [in July] and saw this big buck in velvet eating the mulberries and pears we have at the edge of our small patch off woods. I thought you might consider it for Buck of the Week Unplugged honors.

We live in Flossmoor, IL. Our property backs up to the train tracks that run through town. There are always a few deer that run through the strip of woods along the track to get to my garden, but we've never seen anything this big back there before. We're a few miles from the nearest forest preserves. It looks to me like he's got 10 points hiding in that velvet. Sadly, I didn't see the deer because I was taking my dad and two boys out fishing for perch in Calumet Harbor at the time. It would have been the biggest deer I've ever seen in velvet.

I more than considered it for BOTW: Unplugged, the weekly celebration of big live bucks around Chicago outdoors.

That's a helluva of a buck.

And I really like the part of the story where he missed seeing it because he was perch fishing with his sons.

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