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Buck of the Week: 4 10-pointers

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Karl Scherer had very worthy nominations from Chicago's Northwest Side for Buck of the Week: Unplugged, the weekly celebration of live big bucks around Chicago outdoors; and a very worthy thought on the difference between city deer and hunting deer.


Scherer sent this:

Friday July 30, I was driving near a Cook Co Forest Preseve on the N/W side of Chicagoand saw a spectacular gathering of deer. Four 10 point bucks standing practically shoulder to sholder grazing on the grasses of an open field.. In addition to the 10 pointers, there were three other smaller bucks, an 8, 6 and 4 pointer as well as 4 does (or antlerless). Ive never seen such a gathering of big bucks in such an area, ie.: grove of a CCFP in Chicago. I cant help but think these deer are temporarily displaced by the high water on the north branch of the Chicago river which runs through much of the Cook Co Forest Preserve Dist. and moved these deer to higher and drier ground. The pictures were taken a t 10 pm so the images may not be suitable for printing but I thought in the spirit of BOTW I would still share them with you. The animals all looked healthy and were, as most CCFPD deer, at ease in close proximity to human activity. I got to within 15' of them. It is certainly a wonderful thing to see this quality of not only wild life but big game within the city limits of Chicago.

Note: I cautiously used the term big game as game may imlpy that the animal can be hunted. While I am an avid deer hunter, I would be the first to take action against anyone poaching these animals.

I think he made the distinction that many deer hunters from the city and suburbs have made over the years.


I also think his guess about the connection between the high water and the concentration of big bucks is a good one.

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