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WWW Chicago outdoors: Weekend wading update

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This may be stating the obvious, but better add this update for the Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors: Think south if wading, forget north and west.

The northern part of the area was hammered overnight and this morning. The Fox, DuPage and Des Plaines rivers are looking toward flood conditions.

It may be awhile before those are wadeable again.

Click here for an overview of area rivers.

The odd thing is the Kankakee basin was relatively unaffected, although some of the Indiana rains may have an impact. The Kankakee should be wadeable in the Illinois portion this weekend, barring something major this afternoon.

It looks like the Vermilion is holding fine too for waders.

Don't know what else to say, but those are some epic tales and photos of water.

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I fished the local pond today for about 3 hours, the water was up about a foot but given the time of day (noon-3pm) the fishing was suprisingly good. There is always an option! Tom

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