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WWW Chicago outdoors: Rivers to ranges

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There's another good mix--rivers to ranges--for Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.

RIVER WADING: Finally, it looks like a weekend where wading is a real option. You can just about take your pick. I don't know what to make ofthe the YouTube video above, but it is near one spot I wade on the Kankakee.

KIDS PERCHING: I think people tend to forget this, but perch fishing on Lake Michigan in Illinois during July is allowed by those 15 and younger with a reduced daily bag of 10. Make use of it. There is some perch around.

ARCHERY: Archery Bow Range Chicago offers beginner courses regularly. Click here. . . . On Sunday, there's an American round by the Chicago Archery Club at Washington Park. Official scoring starts at 10 a.m. Click here.

BEGINNING FLY FISHING; Orvis stores are working with Trout Unlimited to offer a free Fly Fishing 101 event Saturdays in July from 9 a.m.-noon. Click here for stores.

NATURAL THINGS: The Nature Conservancy has started a monthly online listing of events at its Illinois sites. Click here.

Here is an example from this month.

* Yellow indigo, tall coreopsis, purple prairie clover, wild bergamot, and wild quinine bloom at Kankakee Sands
* The grooved yellow flax flower is in bloom at Nachusa Grasslands
* Aphrodite and regal fritillary butterflies are found in abundance at Indian Boundary Prairies
* Bald eagle chicks leave the nest at the Grassy Slough Preserve in the Cache River wetlands
* Nocturnal calls of American bitterns can be heard from the overlook along the LaGrange Locks Road at Spunky Bottoms
* Ruddy duck broods appear at Emiquon
* The dolomite prairies and the reconstructed blacksoil prairie are in full bloom at Midewin

PADDLING: Sunday is another Chicago River Canoe and Kayak Skyscraper Canyon Trip. Call (773) 704-2663 or e-mail

THEATRE-HIKES: The Morton Arboretum in Lisle has weekend theatre-hikes from 1-3:30 p.m. In July, it is Robin Hood. Tickets are $8 to $19,

PERSONAL PICKS: I have a feeling the Asian carp/fish kill story at Garfield Park will tie up more of my weekend. . . . Hope to get some wading in the Kankakee. . . . May join in some festivities with the Liberal Gun Club Saturday. If I do that, you'll read about it later. . . . Probably should stop by for final regards to Frank ``Oakie'' Okoniewski and his family on Saturday on the Northwest Side.

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Just a note: Theatre-Hikes also performs in the city at North Park Village Nature Center (5801 N. Pulaski) and has 3 more shows this summer; Peter Pan, Our Town and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Please visit

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