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Wild Tuesday: Chanterelles in Chicago outdoors

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There's been a bonus from all the rain in June around Chicago outdoors: Chanterelles.

Cantharellus lateritius 09

Joe McFarland, a co-author of Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States, sent this note:

All of that rain around Chicago a few weeks ago seems to have paid off: Edible summer mushrooms, including chanterelles, are being found by some of my mushroom pals in northeast Illinois.

We've just posted a new summer recipe featuring chanterelles at
Here's the direct link:

Unlike morels, which can be found for just a few short weeks in the spring, chanterelles can be found during the entire summer season, following rains, starting in late May in southern Illinois up until September statewide.

All right, I will be honest, I have not worked up to harvesting and eating these yet.

But the recipe looks and reads like the goods.

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