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Ramble with Storm: Detroit Tigers

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

So I finished up my Sunday work late last night.

And flipped on the TV, figuring I might be in time to least be able to catch the wrap-up of the Sox game.

Not expecting much.

I had heard about one inning while helping get the kids collected and it happened to be that inning where the Twins scored six.

So what a wonderful surprise to see the game was still going on and the big man (Jenks) sweating on the hill.

With good reason.

It was a two-run game with a man on second. Soon, after a nice at-bat by Young, a one-run game and big Jim Thome striding to the plate for the Twins.

It felt like such a Twins-Sox deja vu all over again.

And it didn't help that Thome just missed a couple good pitches. Then Jenks just froze him for strike three with that little curve.

I'm starting to believe.

Back in the early 60s as a kid, I started following baseball closely. The only other team I remember being this hot was the Detroit Tigers with the way they started out the 1984 season winning 35 of 40.

But that was different. That was a start to a season. The Sox started their run back 9 1/2 games, if my memory is right, and have surged to a game lead in the middle of the year.

We're watching something special here.

Just so we can keep Pierzynski away from picking any rah-rah songs.

If I have to listen to Journey, any Journey song, let alone, ``Don't Stop Believin','' I will have to mitt-smack myself senseless.

I'll give the Blackhawks this, they knew how to find a song. That ``Chelsea Dagger'' was and is something.

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Dale: Seems that all around nice guy Jim Thome needs about 9 home runs to move up one spot on the all time list. May he hit them all this year against the Tigers! Chelsea Dagger?

Tom, the video is a little over the top, but that is one of the catchiest song I have heard in a while, even I can barely understand a word.

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