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Midwest Fishing Report: Rivers add (DuPage add)

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Here are the river adds for the Midwest Fishing Report. It's a mixed bag.


For an overview of nearby river conditions, click here. Some of the smaller rivers around Chicago outdoors should be in good shape this holiday weekend. It's more of a mixed bag on the larger ones.


Frank Macikas sent this:

Well after what has felt like years I finally got back out on the river today. The river is in great shape right now. Fished one of my favorite areas in Shorewood today. Water was a little higher than usual for this time of year but thats good. Visibility is between 12 & 25 inches depending on the stretch. Picked up around 10 or 11 smallies today. Nothing of great size; the normal summer smallie; most around 10-12". I almost forgot what it feels like catching summer smallies. Those little guys sure put up a heck of a fight. Each fish I caught kept thinkin "alright this is it prob a 15 or 16 inch fish!" Then it comes up and I was suprised almost every time. Fish were either caught tight to cover next to fast water or right in the current. Picked up most on a wacky rigged dinger and I think three of them on a chigger craw on a weedless jig. Best color was june bug or pumpkin with blue flake. River has changed alot in this section and it looks like it will be for the better. With rain forecast for everyday next week I would suggest taking advantage if you can.


The no-wake restriction on the Fox between the McHenry and Algonquin dams was lifted Friday afternoon. (As most of us suspected it would be before the holiday weekend.)

Farther downstream on the Fox, Ken Gortowski sent this first note on Thursday:

The Fox is stuck around 3000 cfs and is barely inching down. Wading this weekend could be tough for the novices. Once it gets below 2000 it gets easier to wade. 1000 or less is ideal. Here's the link to the real-time gauge.

The creeks that feed the Fox should be perfect by Friday.

Then he sent an update Friday:
The creeks by me are in excellent shape so creek hopping on Saturday.

The Fox is a waste of time.


It is projected to fall below flood stage at LaSalle on Sunday or Monday. So know what you are doing.


The creeks and bayous in particular are clearing and settling nicely. The main river is still fast and murky, but receding. The Kankakee River Valley Fishing Derby continues through Sunday with some solid catches. Click here for details.

``Catfish Dave'' Bradigan sent this:

Dale I have not waded the river in the Momence since Memorial day due to all the rain storms. River is high ,muddy and dangerous. I did go and look at the river day before and it is receding and clearing up. Hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week I can get out a wade for cats. Better to live and fish another day than battle high water! I did mange to go east of Momence in the back water with my nephew ,niece ,sister and brother in law. Yesterday afternoon we fished until about 7:30. We managed to catch 50 nice blue gill the biggest ones 9 inch's and thick. Caught on crickets and bee moths.

His note reminded me I have not waded it yet this year. Just shameful. I think next week looks like the week.

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1 Comment

The topwater bite is on...fished the Grand Kankakee Marsh July 4th - took 3 very nice bass between 15.5" and 19". Don't forget the bug juice.

Water levels have dropped 1-2 feet in the marshes, so if you've taken note of where the deep water was, you 'll have a great time. Water is clearing.

Here's a pic:

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