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In memory: Bud Yancey

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John ``Bud'' Yancey, one of the founders of the Carp Anglers Group and its first president, died on Wednesday.


Mr. Yancey, a Downstate man (shown above in a CAG photo), was one of the people who altered the perception of carp in modern American fishing.

More specifically, I would call him the great teacher of modern carp fishing. Some of those he taught and mentored went on to bigger and better things in fishing, such is the nature of being a good teacher.

I think the best summary of Mr. Yancey's impact is a line explaining why CAG's Champion of the Queen Award has been dedicated to him since 2002: ``Without you, CAG would simply not exist. We owe a huge debt to your vision and hard work.''

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He was not only a great Fisherman but a wonderful person. He will be missed.

He is the reason I have spent just about every weekend for the past decade fishing for carp. ANd the reason I have my carp bait & tackle business.

Outside of my immediate family, I cannot think of a person who has had a greater influence on me.

He was a darn nice guy.

I'll also remember Bud as a patient, knowledgable and extremely kind fisherman. Always happy to teach or just to talk about carp fishing.....some may remember too that Bud had a multi-species background and was an avid Spoonplugger at one time.

I met Bud back in 1997 @ Bernie Haines Golden Salmon Ranch. Later I had been Chairman for the CAG. Last time I saw Bud was in 1999 and we had a great time togehter. I still remember the Greek Restaurant where we had a wonderful time together. May he rest in peace in carphaeven ! Bud was a true fisherman and a good friend for me. I am very sad to hear he died.

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