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Illinois waterfowling: Season dates soon, stray shot

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Marc Miller's decision on season dates for waterfowl hunting in Illinois is expected to be announced today.

I gather he has already made his decision, it's just the announcement will come today.

If the IDNR director supports the political push for the earlier dates for the south zone over the later ones recommended by IDNR staff, then he better never trot out that sanctimonious stuff about wildlife professional again.

Or maybe he should.

More and more I think there are important social and political components to outdoor decisions and not all decisions on wildlife should be made strictly on the recommendations of wildlife professionals.

That term ``wildlife professional'' can be a very effective shield.

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Has anything else been released on this topic since you last post? I hear in Indiana at least, there's some rumblings that our seasons might have more influence from the Feds, as they are telling the states that because of the oil in the gulf they might want to shorten the duck season. This is the southern states not wanting us to shoot all the ducks, because when they see the oil they will start to head back north. That's a interesting theory at best as far as i'm concerned. Have you heard anything close to this theory here in IL?

If you ask me, it would be better to skip that season. That oil story caused too much trouble anyway.

I don't care who make the decisions as long as they are adequate to the situation.

The term is the thing that worries me least. Adequate regulations are needed.

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