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Illinois blind draw: My day

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Every dog has his day. Mine was Saturday


With a handful blinds left to draw at Kankakee River State Park this afternoon, and only one remaining accessible by wading, David Starnes drew the folded notecard with my name on it.

The Lisle kid, in his lucky yellow shirt (lucky for me any way), was one of three kids helping draw names for wildlife biologist Bob Massey.

Massey struggled to read my handwriting, then said ``Dale, Dale Bowman..''

Now comes the hard part--taking care of the blind.

Already called one hunting buddy. Need to set up with another, who has a gift for that sort of work. And I'll pick the brain of guide Jeff Norris of Fox Valley Guide Service on blind construction.

My hunting year will be different. And it couldn't come at a better time with fourth and last kid going to school all day this year.

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