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Fish of the Week: Lake Michigan king

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Zack Wallin earns Fish of the Week honors for the fish of his life.


Here's the tale from the north suburban 16-year-old:

I have been fishing most of my life, but I really become addicted to it last year. I am currently sixteen years old and love multi- species fishing,but I particularly enjoy fishing for Lake Michigan salmon and trout. My dad and I were invited to go salmon fishing by Frank Didier on his boat the Snow Goose, July 8th. There was a 70% chance of thunderstorms where we were, but none ever came. I am very happy that the thunderstorms never came, as I caught a 24 pound Chinook salmon. It blew my mind how massive the fish was, especially for Lake Michigan. This salmon is by far the biggest fish I have ever caught in my life. The fish took a very long time to bring in. It kept making blistering runs and it even jumped a few times. We ended up catching twelve nice fish total, but the giant salmon made the day.

It should make a day. A week. A month. A year. A decade?

Just a nice king, one of the glamour fish of Chicago fishing.

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"It should make a day. A week. A month. A year. A decade?"

I believe that's what we call a FOAL: Fish of a Lifetime!

Bingo. Jim, that is right on.

Congrats Zack, great job on a beautiful fish! Nice fish you found him Frank!Captain Frank been at this awhile and knows what he's doin! Good chance he was using some Luhr Jensen gear. :)

Captain Jim
"The Mona Gale"

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