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Buck of the Week: Unplugged: Northwest suburbs

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Rick Remington sent a neat collection of photos for Buck of the Week: Unplugged, and they're from a place not heard from before in this feature, Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary.


BOTW: Unplugged is the weekly celebration of big live bucks around Chicago outdoors.

I am glad Remington introduced me to Spring Valley with these bucks.

He e-mailed:

Spring Valley is an amazing place to capture the best wildlife in the Chicago area. Coyotes, Deer and a ton of great songbirds are always present as a result of the work they have done with the native plants and trees.

I am embarrassed to say I had not heard of it before. Spring Valley is a Schaumburg Park District place. When he said Spring Valley, I was thinking of the Illinois River town, famous for sauger fishing.


Remington had sent an interesting collection of photos, including these of the bucks in velvet.

He said,

Yes, those shots all came from Spring Valley which is truly an amazing place just down the street from Woodfield. I live right next door and see some of the craziest things in there. The songbirds I have photographed include Indigo Buntings, Orioles, Yellow Warblers, Yellow Throated Vireos, Scarlet Tanagers along with Egrets, Blue, Green and Night Crowned Black Herons plus many Wood Ducks. It is only 200 acres and borders 2 major suburbs but harbors an amazing diversity of wildlife.

They truly care about creating a great environment for wildlife!


He has the photographic evidence to back it up.

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Nothing to do with BOTW, but does Andruw seem really comfortable in black and white? Tom

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