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Bluegill fishing: And surprises in Madison

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MADISON, Wis.--Took my daughter Sara bluegill fishing and she caught this.


That's right, she landed an 18-inch walleye. The way it was fighting. I thought she hooked a nice white bass, but it was a wonderful walleye.

Last month, she mentioned, while we were fishing on the town pond, that she would like to fish from a boat. I planned to take her with a friend or to rent one at Monee Reservoir, then Gene Dellinger called last week.

He owns the bait shop for Madison, Wisconsin and guides there. He said the bluegills were going on Lake Monona and it might be worth doing a kids thing.

I thought the long journey would make it extra special for Sara, so I said yes.

Dellinger launched us from Olbrich Park and set her up in 15-16 feet, occasionally deeper or shallower, with small plastics and spikes.

It was a good day by my standard. Sara caught a dozen or so good keeper bluegill, and plenty of other things.

The capper was a big sunfish Sara caught when Gene and I were talking and didn't notice a rod thumping.


Even more than the walleye, that might have been the proudest fish for her.

Some days are just right.

We only fished a couple hours and spent about four times as long on the road. But breakfast at McDonald's on the Tri-State, then at Culver's on the way home made it a memory of a day.

Dellinger guides out of his shop, D&S Bait, Tackle & Archery. To reach him, call (608) 241-4225.

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1 Comment

That's the beauty of fishing - sometimes it's an absolute surprise what you catch. Sounds like a great day had by all on the water.

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