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Asian carp: Relocating fish

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In response to the entry about John Farmer not marking any fish on the Little Cal, Chris McCloud sent this note about relocating fish.

McCloud e-mailed:

Just wanted to point out that the IDNR is relocating sport fish found during sampling above the Lock at Lake Calumet and the Calumet River to below the Lock in an effort to start restocking.

McCloud is the IDNR spokesman and handles those duties for the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee.

No word yet on formal restocking.

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Why don't they just make the area BELOW the lock a "dead zone." That is cut out the aeration of the river (ie: at the MWRD "waterfalls" or the O'Brien dam (controlling works)). Return it to the puke of a ditch it once was, then surely NO carp can get to the lake. If people want to fish, fish ABOVE the lock... Then everybody is happy.

They has been some talk about creating "dead zones" by getting rid of the oxygen in the water. What better place to start!

Boater, I am not a big fan of such draconian methods, but your idea or suggestion makes more sense than shutting down the locks. Your idea has been kicked around even before Asian carp starting coming this way as a way of stopping zebra mussels and gobies from going inland.

Dale... I do feel sorta the same here about the draconian methods. Yet, I just don't see how the issue can be resolved without throwing a ton of money at the problem. The reason Chicago was put on the map and continues to thrive economically is due to their waterborne backbone. Jack up the costs and the area loses the geographical/competitive adavantage built the place. Something has to be done to keep this advantage. Unfortunately, IMO, the economy and enviro can't be resolved cost effectively. Something has to give. We can't have our fish in all locations and eat too.

I am having a problems using the same screen name. I hope my last comment was not cut off, I am not sure how long a post can be? We have spent more money (78 million) on this fish than it cost to build O'Brien (6 million) and staff and maintain it for 50 years! A 60 day closure costs the economy 18 million. That is some real bang for taxpayers buck! Dead zones as much as I hate them too is cost effective.

I see some ridiculous plan to try to stop the advance of the Asian carp, but isn't anyone going to get out there and start physically removing them from our water too?

Where's the Asian carp derbys? Why not put a bounty on the Asian carp and pay the fishermen to remove this unwanted species from our waterways.

I'm opposed to kill zones and the disasterous effects it has on the watershed.

As far as I know, posts can be as long as you can type it. There have been some long ones over the years.

What they should do is to immediately stock Lake Michigan with bighead and silver carp. Then the govt can save millions that would be wasted on useless preventative efforts. Let nature take it from there. Asian carp are river fish and will not thrive in the lake. They will get in sooner or later regardless.

I would not count on the Asian carp not surviving in Lake Michigan. The Powers that Be have shown nothing but their lack of ability to even understand the fundimentals of control in 300 or so miles of river. Do you really want to chance their expertise on thousands of miles of open water? The most obvious laugh comes from the "Rapid Response Team" that did nothing for some 12-13 years until the poulation was in the multi millions and probably already there. I suggested many years ago that Illinois put a bounty or subsidize the catch and export of these fish. With little effort those tax dollars could create hundreds of jobs that return tax dollars and creat another food source for many parts of the world. It would take very little imagination to come up with desirable recipies.

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