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Asian carp: More on Chicago bigheads

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Donnarose Gilcrease put together a video, which gives me the willies, of photos taken by her husband Roy Gilcrease of the fish kill/bighead scene at Garfield Park late last week.


The photo above shows the bigheads (the huge fish) and carp (I think some are grass carp) being taken from the one pond/lagoon at Garfield Park on Friday after the fish kill the day before.

It was one of the most bizarre scenes in Chicago outdoors.

And Donnarose did a helluva job capturing that chillingly bizarre scene by mixing soothing music and her husband's photos.

Click here to see the video.

She might have done the best job yet, in any medium, of capturing the full meaning of whole scene.

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Looks like 3 bighead carp (Asian carp), 2 grass carp (the long skinny ones with big scales), and 1 common carp (the yellowish one with big scales). All three species are invasive, and all three have been stocked over the years in Illinois.

would like to view the Donnarose video but can't seem to pick up this link......have tried for several days now. Can't find it on YouTube either, is there another way to view?

Otis, I just tried it on both our home computers and it worked fine. On our older one, where we need to update the browser, I had to wait for it to set up, but it worked. Maybe a popup blocker is blocking it? If it works on our old computer, it should work on just about computer.

NatGeo show last night on the Asian Carp was pretty good. Lots of the info was already published. But it did show their presence is massive and they are moving towards chitown!

But i wanted to see more on the Illinois group doing the sounding study on the bigheads near Ottawa. She mentioned the fish group moves once they are to 'capacity' for an area. Her notebook showed sensors in Marseilles and Ottawa. I bet that means the mass is in that pool and moving up river.

Anyway we can call her?
Get her data?
pick her brain for info??

I'd like to know the population locale and how far it moves every year.

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