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Zilian tournament: Moments

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Capt. Deb Zilian, daughter of the man memoralized in the Gary Zilian Memorial Fishing Tournament, posed against the Chicago skyline Monday morning before the tournament start.


It was an interesting day, to say the least.

Not the least of which was the weather, a strong thunderstorm rolling over the lake while we were chasing lakers out in 100 feet.

I rode with Capt. Bill Kelly again on his charter, Leprechaun.

That's him filleting some very nice fish at the tournament end, under much clearer skies.


But this day belonged to Jim's Buoy and Salukis Pride, the only two boats to catch all five species: lakers, browns, coho, chinook and steelhead.

I caught Capt. Jim Krawchuk, the Jim of Jim's Buoy checking texts while the scores were tallied. It was a horse race, but Jim's Buoy won by a pound or so.


In Chicago fishing, this is one of the more enjoyable tournaments because of the attempts to catch all five salmon/trout. And it is weighted to give credit to catching all five.

Scoring was one point per ounce for the best of each five species. One species added 10 points, two 25, three 75, four 150 and five 250.

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1 Comment

Great day!!!Bill Kelly has his charter down to a science. If you have a chance book a charter during the week with Capt. Kelly.

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