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WWW Chicago outdoors: Perch & beyond

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Among a varied list of options, shoreline fishing for perch leads this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.


LAKEFRONT PERCH: I had a solid outing yesterday from boat off Chicago Light by boat for perch. Sounds like the shore guys did fine too. Larry Jennings sent the photo above and this:

Big Perch are back on the Lake!!

Got several Jumbo's on Montrose harbor on Thursday. The biggest, a 1.6lb 14 in Jumbo caught on soft-shells

Looks like I have a leader for the next FOTW.

BERRIES: I have been picking scrawny mulberries this week. Yet other trees have no ripe fruit. Not sure what that means. BTW, this is a good time to take kids to pick their own strawberries. I think there is value in them making that connection between the land, their food and themselves. Click here to find pick-your own sites.

HEIDECKE LAKE: Better hurry, if you are going there to enjoy the bounty of the former cooling lake in Grundy County. The shad hatch is coming when fishing gets tough. This morning, fly-fishing guide Bob Santangelo of Kankakee River Valley Guide Service sent this:

Update, fishing hot on Heidecke Lake but its nearly the end of the action! Water up to 79 degrees here comes the shad spawn and a stop to the big bite! Picked up 30 whites, 7 smallies, 13 catfish {yes on a fly rod}! In all in back to back days caught over a 78 fish but note NO hybrids there pretty much done its live bait time for them? Its River fishing time on the Kankakee for big small mouths if the dam rain would stop and drop the water levels! Take Care

Click here for site info.

PADDLING: The Mid-American Kayak & Canoe Race is Sunday along the Fox River in the western suburbs. Click here for info.

WISCONSIN'S FREE WEEKEND: Wisconsin's free fishing weekend is Saturday and Sunday. . . . Also on Sunday is State Park Open House Day. . . . For the 20th year, Lake Geneva Fishing Club's annual free kids fish outing is at Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva on next Sunday. Click here for info.

FREE ARCHERY CLINIC: It's at the Lincoln Park Archery Club from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday. Click here for info.

LAKEFRONT SMALLMOUTH: There's still some good ones being caught from shore and boat along the lakefront. At least some are off the beds already.

PERSONAL PICKS: Well, my options just opened up. I was supposed to help with a Cubs Scout outing at Willow Slough, but it was canceled because of the threat of weather. So I may play some this evening. I already did some perch playing on the lakefront yesterday, but it might be worth doing again next week. . . . Tomorrow is off the books for family stuff, other than possibly looking for mulberries or wild asparagus, or picking our own strawberries. And a slight chance I get up early enough to help with some stream restoration on the North Shore. . . . Sunday is up in the air. Emiquon Preserve is a possibility. The Mazonia lakes are too. . . . I wish the rivers would come down. I would like to wet wade again. I need that.

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