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Will County: No to deer hunting at preserves

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Will County officials said no to deer hunting in the forest preserves, but didn't come up with a solid alternative plan to control an out-of-control deer herd.

Click here for the Herald News story.

The key is a quote, buried at the end of the story, from Forest Preserve District President Cory Singer, R-Frankfort. He said, ``Whether we have a hunting program or not, we're going to have a culling program.''

Considering the problems with overpopulation of deer and goose at the forest preserves around Chicago outdoors, I don't think this issue is going away.

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New Zealand has this same issue...but worse. A number of different species of deer were imported by European settlers about 150 years ago--a big problem for a country with no large predators at all! Deer overpopulation wreaked havoc on a variety of plant species, and the government has resorted to dropping poison and mass shooting from helicopters at times to get it back under control. More details at the link above.

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