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Will County: Hunting preserves?

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The second biggest whitetail deer I saw alive nearly took the front of my car off a few falls back, just as I turned on West River Road outside of Wilmington.

It barreled out of the Kankakee Sands Preserve and into a small subdivision.

I was awed.

Second thought was, ``Man, it would be nice to hunt that.''

That possibility may come a little closer later today.

That's one of the preserves being considered for opening to limited deer hunting by the Forest Preserve District of Will County.

Click here for a solid background news story from the Herald News.

Click here for background from the forest preserve.

The idea has been kicked around for awhile now.

I think it is manageable and doable with the right setups.

McHenry County Conservation District has done all right with its innovative hunting program over the past few years. Will County is more densely populated, but I think it could work there, too.

The program would favor hunters from Will County, as it should.

On a broader level, it could help with hunter access issues on a very small level. We're talking a handful of hunters. That's the key here, it's a very small opportunity.

I am more curious to see if it will pass than anything.

BTW, the biggest buck I ever saw alive (barely) was a 12-pointer hit on 159th by Oak Forest Hospital, what I consider home to the greatest bucks in Chicago outdoors. I was driving to cover a volleyball sectional and had just turned off I-57 when I saw it hit.

That's one of the realities of deer in preserves around populated areas, people and deer live in a clash zone.

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