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Wild Weekend: Bucks afield?

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BANNER, Ill.--So I was barreling down Route 24 on the west side of the Illinois River early Saturday morning.


And I'm keeping a watch out for deer in the fields.

When I spotted the photo above near Banner. Or somewhere near there.

I had time. I was a few minutes ahead of my fishing buddy Pete Riedesel.

So I whipped around and snapped a couple pictures. Now I figured I would be lucky to get one photo before he spooked.

Then it hit me he wasn't moving at all.

And I realized I was duped by some bowhunter's practice dummy in a pasture.

Made me smile. What else could I do?

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Probably a state police dummy or conservation dept dummy to catch idiots taking a pot shot at it. They've done that trick before. Look around for what appears to be a red light camera that goes off at the sound of gun shots. You'd be surprised how many fools, instead of pulling out a camera, pull out a gun from underneath their seat to steal a shot or two at it. Feel and look foolish when after 5 shots the thing hasnt flinched. Not too worry State Police come a calling soon enough for your love of nature.

That was the other thought that crossed my mind.

Wow, good thing I used my silencer!! ;-)

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