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Wild Week: Toads

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So the youngest and his two running mates came ripping through the back door a couple days ago and shouted in chorus, ``We caught a frog.''


Now I know it has been raining enough around Chicago outdoors to raise the possibility of a plague of frogs, but a frog in our backyard seemed improbable.

I suggested it was more likely a toad.

But they insisted it was a frog and said they had put it back in the water.

With that, I went outside and took a look. It was a toad.

Somehow, I was able to convince them to let it free and just watch it. Which they did in stunningly photogenic fashion.

I like toads around my garden, and my garden is only steps from where they caught it. Toads help with insect control and are one reason I have not had to use chemicals on my garden for the past 11 summers.

My guess is that it was an American toad, judging from the info on the Illinois Natural History Survey site.

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