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Ramble with Storm: Tornado debris

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble
with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

There was an eerie calmness yesterday morning.

Considering the storm and tornado warnings and reports of Saturday night, it seemed like an ordinary June morning while walking the meathead around the town pond.

Not even many twigs were down.

This YouTube video does an eerie job of capturing just how big was what is now known as the St. Anne Tornado.

Considering where it crossed southern Kankakee County, I knew we needed to make a run by the farm where I hunt deer.

When my wife came to bed late Saturday, she said somebody had posted on Facebook that the tornado had destroyed two houses, one of them on the road by my deer hunting spot.

So before church, we drove out early to check.

And one of the obliterated homes was the house by the field lane where I usually park when I walk in to deer hunt.

I do mean obliterated. It was just gone, a pile of rubble on top of the foundation. The garage was damaged, but standing. The home was gone.

A debris trail stretched out into the fields.

After church, we drove back again and I talked with the farmer. He said he was prohibited from picking up the debris yesterday (I couldn't tell if he meant by insurance or government officials), but today he plans to be out trying to clean out. If he is, I should give him a hand.

The couple whose home was destroyed had just bought it as a starter home. It needed a lot of work. But the man seemed a handy guy from the couple times when I talked to him last fall after I came out of the deer stand in the darkness.

I don't know what he is going to do. They fortunately had left the house before the tornado.

I am a weather geek. Tom Skilling is my god in that regard.

So I found the report from the Weather Service on the tornado. Click here. But the report doesn't do justice to the human impact of ``a single family home collapsed upon itself leaving it inhabitable.''

You can't explain how tornadoes hop around like they do. Just haphazardly interrupt lives. As far as I could tell, there wasn't much damage on the other side of the country road and it appears to have skipped the fence row where I deer hunt, before intensifying and taking out another house and doing more damage, then skipping again.

Some things you can't put a satisfactory meaning on. At least I can't.

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