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Ramble with Storm: Mulberries & Drive-Ins

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble
with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

So Sunday night, we're waiting for the sun to set so the movies--a double bill of Shrek The Final Chapter and Iron Man 2--can begin at the Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre.

We love the whole experience of drive-ins, including getting there early enough to play in the grassy area under the screen. I'm throwing Frisbee with the younger boys there when the youngest throws the Frisbee into the weeds.

As we go to find it, I notice the mulberry tree already has ripe berries. Granted, Gibson City, home to one of the more friendly drive-ins within a couple hours of Chicago, is in central Illinois.

But I was surprised. It seemed early.

Then this morning on my ramble with the meathead, I found and picked my first mulberries of the season along the edge of the town pond. They were scrawny, but mulberries all the same.

It was a treat.

Just as drive-ins are a treat for our family.

I think we have done them all within a couple hours of Chicago, except for one in southern Wisconsin, including some of the ones that shut down recently.

The best, by far, is the 48er Drive-In Theatre in Valparaiso, Ind. It's worth the drive, but go early because it will sell out for good movies on good nights.

The closest to Chicago, I think, is the Cascade Drive-In in West Chicago. And the Lake Shore Drive-In in Monticello, Ind. is a good one.

I hear there's one down by Springfield.

Road trip.

Mulling mulberries takes me far afield.

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When you spend enough time outdoors, you find that different things can take your mind off to many fabulous side treks. I just go for the trip with my mind and enjoy.

I sometimes think guys like you and me were born a couple hundred years too late.

Well, at least 20 years too late. I'm one of a handful left doing what I do.

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