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Ramble with Storm: '90s baseball

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storm3x Mulling things on my morning ramble
with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Frank Thomas is the best hitter I ever watched regularly in person and on television. I caught the tail end of Yaz and Mantle on television, but I favor Thomas over them.

Mark Grace wasn't as spectacularly magnificent as a hitter as Frank Thomas, but Grace sure had a sweet swing too and was so unflappable in the field and so much better at first than Thomas.

Baseball in the '90s in Chicago was worth watching, just to watch those two go about their craft.

With Thomas, it was the craft of hitting. You probably have to go back to Ted Williams to match that kind of craftsmanship.

With Grace, it was the package of hitting and fielding.

They made watching baseball on both sides of town worthwhile.

It brought back a lot of memories Saturday night when the Fox broadcast had Thomas visit the booth.

There was a chemistry between Thomas and Grace that I did not expect. It was wonderful to see.

And that's coming from somebody who cringed watching Thomas doing his early work for Comcast. He looked so stiff.

With Grace, Thomas kicked back and it was just wonderful to listen to two guys with different, but very successful approaches to baseball, talk the game.

I think I heard right, that at one point, Thomas said Grace was a character. Which is accurate.

Grace was the man about town. The Stanley Cup had nothing on him.

While Thomas tended to most of the time seem the brooder with an intense tunnel vision. I still think Thomas can end up an icon in this town. And maybe it just takes somebody like Grace to bring it out.

That interaction with Grace and Thomas was magical. I really enjoyed listening to the two of them.

Of course, it probably helped that it was a magnificent baseball game, too.

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