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Midwest Fishing Report: River updates

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Here are the river updates for the Midwest Fishing Report with some nice suggestions for Chicago fishing. Ken Gortowski's suggestion to consider the Apple is an interesting one.


For an overview of nearby river conditions, click here.


First up by the Chain, as of this evening, the river between the Algonquin and McHenry dams remains no wake. Click here for updates.

Farther downstream, here are updates and thoughts from Gortowski:

Sometimes Di and I like to just go for a cruise on the back roads west of Yorkville. Within a half mile we're already driving through farm fields and the further you go the fewer buildings you see and at times there are some substantial wooded areas to drive through. Of course I had to hear about how my choice of routes happen to take us over the Fox four times and cross five creeks. But I offered to let her do the driving and she refused. So you go where I go.

The Fox seems to have settled at just below 3000 cubic feet per second. All things considered, that's not that bad. I can wade some areas at that level, but I don't recommend it for the casual wader. It is pretty much flowing mud though. Out of necessity I may have to go hit a stretch first thing Friday morning. No work yet and tired of looking, but at least I have a couple of possibilities in the works. Good enough reason to go decompress on the river.

If guys want to give it a try they should stay on shore or in the water right up along shore. I wouldn't be venturing out too far. Okay, I'll probably venture out far where I plan on going, but they should do as I say, not as I do.

The creeks I like are a mess. High flowing mud. They'll probably come down relatively quick, but I don't see the point in fishing any of them till some time next week. A couple more sporadic storms over the weekend, then nothing for a good 5 days. That could be good.

It looks like the Fox is in the best shape out of all the rivers in the area. DuPage is high and the Kankakee and Mazon I wouldn't go anywhere near at their current levels. By the middle of next week the Fox will be the place to go for desperate river waders.

Then there's the Apple River. That area seems to have been spared what we went through over the last couple of days. This is the link to the Apple River real-time stream gauge.

If someone wakes up before dawn on Sunday and checks the gauge, and if the gauge for cubic feet per second says 350 or less (which it will if the rains keep missing that area) then if that someone has the money to burn the gas to get there, if I were that someone I would give it serious consideration. It was June on the Apple River a few years ago where I had my first 100 smallie day.


It is projected to remain at flood stage at LaSalle into next weekend. It is expected to drop below flood stage tonight or tomorrow at Ottawa. It is falling off flood stage at Morris.


The worst is downstream of the confluence with the Iroquois at Aroma Park. The Iroquois is very high and muddy. Upstream areas Aroma Park and Momence are high and dirty, but manageable, though not wadeable in any sense. This will probably be a weekend to fish flooded shorelines and near-shore eddies and pockets.

It was fun to watch the shocking boat for the derby yesterday find fish in extremely shallow water on the shoreline. That's where you need to fish right now, especially downstream from Aroma Park.

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