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Illinois waterfowling: Season proposals

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Interesting recommendations on waterfowl start dates to IDNR director Marc Miller from the advisory board on Tuesday.


Interesting for the always contentious south zone, where sometimes waters are still huntable late in the year (as above barely at Rend Lake in January five years ago) and other times freeze up quickly.

According to a source, staff recommended a Nov. 27 start for the south while the board backed a two-week earlier recommendation of Nov. 13.

That's a fairly significant difference.

Miller is expected to agree with the north zone opening Oct. 16 and the central on Oct. 30. I have no idea what Miller will do with the south zone. Not sure that he does either.

BTW, earlier in the day, state waterfowl biologist Ray Marshalla said he expects a 60-day duck season, but nothing is definite until the feds come out with their report (expected Thursday).

The teal season is virtually certain: 16 days from Sept. 4-19. And the early Canada goose season will be the usual Sept. 1-15.

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If mioller approves the nov 13 starting date for the south zone he is either a nerd or getting paid off from the advisory board. i personally would like to see the who is on the advisory board and their qualifications to be on it. something is going on that is not kosher with the south duck zone. it had been late to co-incide with missouri, ky., in, ar, tn. until miller took over. i thought he would be above politics and try to do a good job for the sportsmen. i and 7 others spent our money in ar. last year in late jan because the season was closed in il. total for 8 guys was apx. $10,000 for 5 days of duck hunting. i imagine the boys in southern il. would have liked to have had that.

I think you laid it out. That stuff about using science instead of politics can simply be protective cover. And the duck season start dates are a perfect example.

I've been told by a realiable source that the surveys were 66% in favor of a later season.Now we know whos side the advisory board is on. They moved it up last year because of the survey but won't use the survey to move it back where it SHOULD BE !!!!! I'm so sick of the bull@#!$. How do these people get their jobs? Who wants to bet they live near Carlye Lake or hunt there?

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