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Fish of the Week: Near-record smallmouth

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Last Wednesday, Charlie ``Poorboy'' Patrick was fishing a Lucky Strike goby-imitator, Carolina-rigged, on the Chicago lakefront when he caught one of Illinois' all-time smallmouth bass, earning Fish of the Week honors..

FOTW06-02-10-5262010 6lb smallie

``Normally, you normally get a tick and the line goes left or right,'' the Oak Forest man said. ``I thought I had a big carp on, to be honest. It just nailed it.''

We will never know if his smallmouth was the Illinois record. Patrick released it without weighing it on a certified scale.

``I thought about it,'' the manager for Solo Cup said. ``[Two companions] wanted to go to Henry's and get it weighed. But I wanted to let it go.''

The 23-inch smallmouth weighed 6.3 pounds on a new, stiff Bass Pro spring scale. If exact, that would have been within a couple ounces of the record, the 6-pound, 7-ounce smallmouth caught by Mark Samp from a Fulton County strip pit on March 26, 1985.

Patrick did not want to put his fish, which had the right length to challenge Samp's mark, in his live well, motor back to the Diversey launch, then trailer to Henry's Sports, Bait & Marine.

Henry's, at 3130 S. Canal, has a certified scales and unrelated witnesses, two keys to verifying a record. Joe Egan took his verified Chicago-record smallmouth (6-5), which the Oak Lawn man caught off the Chicago lakefront on April 25, 2009, there to be weighed. Click here for that tale.

Henry's staff over the years have worked with fishermen to try to keep record and near-record fish alive in their bait tanks. Egan's monster, for example, was released at an undisclosed location the next day.

Patrick said he already has a 6-pound smallmouth, caught from Lake of the Woods, mounted, and he was more concerned with his fish spawning. So he immediately released it.

I wish he had it weighed on a certified scales. I think that Illinois record for smallmouth is important enough to have taken the risk.

Plus I had forecast the Illinois record for smallmouth would fall around the April full moon or the May one. Looks like Patrick's may be as close as we come in Chicago fishing.

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Boy that's a nice fish - but come on? Anybody with a potential state record fish would be foolish not to bring that fish to scale, especially considering he had the ability to keep it alive in the livewell and return it to the lake unharmed?

I will say this: I know of this "Poorboy" from Chitown anglers website, and I know he has a history of elaborating and being very condescending in his fishing posts over the years. I congratulate the man on his big fish, but a picture is only worth so many words as they say. This is one fish story I find hard to believe is precise, considering what I've seen in past fishing posts from this particular person, that's all I'm saying. It's nice to send a picture of a big fish to the newspaper for bragging rights and ego-charging amongst your friends and the internet. Personally, I just need more proof then this. And i'm all for giving credit where credit is due. I'd love to eat my words but I guess we'll never officialy know...

People such as Scott should gather their information and get their facts in order before making assumptions. Two other witnesses in the boat to verify. He chose to release this monster Smallmouth and his decision sits well with alot of anglers. More information could be found at where Poorboy is a highly repected member. Poorboy has all the bragging rights he needs and is always backed up pictures. What more proof do you need!


All I can say is I met Poorboy out on the lake a few times and when we weren't catching any fish. Poorboy helped us out and gave us some helpful information and our day ended up with all 3 of us catching our limits of jumbo Perch. You can't judge a guy from the internet until you meet him in person. He always is on fish and puts others on fish! Great guy to know! Great job on the big smallie Poorboy.

I think Mr. Patrick did the right thing releasing that beauty. I too would have released that fish.

I could care less about hanging a trophy on the wall, or vindicating self-serving predictions of an outdoor writer.

As far as a CTA member whining about it goes, well, it speaks volumes about some of the characters on CTA.

Note: Actually Scott, they say "A picture is worth a thousand words". And that is what FOTW is all about!

Scott, you really had to post that? You needed two paragraphs to say that you doubt the credibility of this guy? That tabloid response could have been summarized as 'Boy that's a nice fish but I'm bitter'.

I think judging from the size of his hand in the picture that the fish will easily go 23 inches, why should we doubt the weight?

I know this guy, he works for a Graphic Design company and photoshops pictures of himself with big fish. How low.

I am skeptical of Skeptical, Po Boy doesn't work in your field at all. You are both liar and sad sack. Big smallies have been caught at the lakefront for years, and even the state believes the next record will come out of LM. Thx for bringing us a fish from IL for once!

A good friend of mine caught a 6'7oz on the Indiana side last year that was posted for fish of the week and it seems twice as big as that fish. Next time try and snap a pic of the fish on the scale. Takes no time at all. Then maybe people wouldn't doubt you. Looks around 4lbs from the pic but thats a guess, because you dont have proof of the weight. I need more than just a pic.

Im sorry I said 6lb 7oz I messed up it was 6lb 2oz.

No need to prove myself or this fish to anyone. Me and 2 others were in the boat to verify the fish and released her. The picture was taken on a cellphone as my camera was left in the truck. Wish I had a better picture but thats all we had. Just because your friends fish (MR FISH STORY) looked bigger not all fish are alike but you must be a biologist and already know all this. Someday you won't have to use the my friend story and you might catch one someday to compare the two. Don't be jelous my friend you'll catch one out there someday maybe even one bigger! Good luck MR FISH STORY on your quest!


Well respected, now that a laugh.

websites have nothing to do with this, people just know that Po boy stretch's the truth

Well respected, now that a laugh.

websites have nothing to do with this, people just know that Po boy stretch's the truth and know's nothing about respect.

If he did why would he be guiding on LM with the proper licensing?

No need I caught a 4pounder this year. If you like I can send you the pic and maybe you can see how much they are alike. Then after that I will send the pic to Dale Bowman and claim that is a near record. The pics bad because forgot my camera and had to use my cell. I dont have to be a biologist see thats not a 6lb fish.


PoorBoy (Charlie "solo cup" Patrick) was just exposed for being the fraud he always has been. On chicagolandfishing he was recently busted for steeling a photo of walleyes and perch from a Lake Erie website forum and using it to brag that those fish were his. I used to hold him in high regards until this came to light. Man, were many of us wrong about him. It's all right here: in black and white.

Nikster, please go climb back under the slimy rock you came from. You need another 100,000 years of evolution. Thanks in advance!

I never really liked Poorboy. He has a very big head and acts like he is above and beyond all other anglers. This isn't the first time has been exposed as a fraud. Ok, back to my smallie fishing in the north woods! Enjoy your office jobs fellas

Huh? Why does someone use someone elses perch picture? Can't you just catch your own and snap a photo? Maybe not...

Funnist scandal since John Edwards if it wasn't so sad.

Made me look twice at that smallmouth photo. Looks photoshopped as you can see for yourself. Im not fallen for it.

Andy wrote:

"More information could be found at where Poorboy is a highly repected member."

Not anymore. Now a former member, banned for life for lying and fraud. 'bounced out of that boat like a worthless gobie.

Andy wrote:

Poorboy has all the bragging rights he needs and is always backed up pictures. What more proof do you need!


Yeah, but they aren't his pictures. He stole them all off the www. Got caught doin it. Chicago's true Milli Vanilli angler. Girl You Know It's True!

I don't see what the problem is? Everyone cheats. You get the perks of being a hero until you get caught. Once exposed, you are a Jay Leno joke, like Tiger Woods always will be. Just be smart enough not to get caught. Or better yet, don't cheat and lie. You are the kind of man I'm looking for. Stop calling me.

Nice bass. Nice story.

The chicagolandfishing site has always been a site full of negative horseplay and the moderators allow this type of activity to happen for many years. It seems poorboy was playing with some of the other members. I have read the pages and can see between the lines and it seems it all started when poorboy caught another member mplant1 posting a report with pictures about catching fish at montrose harbor when poorboy called him out about catching those fish at diversy harbor! Then it appears poorboy played the same game and got caught trying to trick a few of the members, hey the guy stood up and apologized for his actions and the moderators still allowed the bashing to go on.
I've talked with poorboy a few times over the years and he is a different person then he portrays himself on that site. The guy really doesn't talk to many people and just seems to go fishing and catch perch when no one else is catching nothing, I seen this happen first hand many times over the years, the guy likes to play on the internet like the others, I have a feeling he'll be back on that site as a more people person, the moderators there pretty much said it themselves. This is my opinion of what I read over there and the guy still has my respect!

You just thanked Poorboy Patrick, not Nacho. Those are not Nacho's words, they are Poorboy's. To Anyone who's read Poorboys postings, it is obviously him by the writing style and specific spelling mistakes he always makes. Please don't be dooped by PoorBy and his games. This is what he is all about.

For subhuman behavior, he has been kicked off every Chicago fishing forum there is. This suntimes comment section is the last place he has left to lie and decieve and mess with people. He has alienated everyone with his condesending remarkds and outright slander. First clue, it's not anyone but Charlie Patrick, is there seriously is no one left that would ever go to bat for him for what he has done to the Chicago angling community. Why would anyone beside PoorBoy be checking into a fish of the week article that is 100 weeks old to make pro-Poorboy comments? Think about it.

Poorboy was an infestation that needed to be exterminated. The other websites got rid of him. I can tolerate some of his twisted humor, but when he started poking fun at the mentally challenged, the line was crossed. Sad to see fishing talent go to waste. Sad to see a grown man steal pictures from another site and claim the catch as his own. Wait nevermind, I take that back. He is not a fishing talent because he is a proven cheater.

Poorboy, stay thirsty my friend.

I'm trying to have trouble understanding this?1?1?!

Just what hapenned to these stole fish? Were they returned to first owner? Did this guy have to return a prize money and trophy too? Something makes no sense except for bad sportmenship maybe crimes. Please explain.

They say things always happen in 'threes' especially in the world of sports. First

1) Mr Pastrick gets caught cheating, stealing and lying on his favorite fishing website and gets ejected for life
2) Jerry Sandusky is found guilty of cheating on his wife with little boys and is going to jail for life


3) Lance is going to get it. Mr Armstrong is going down for cheating by doping and will have to give up his 7 Tour de France titles and will be a disgrace for life. No wonder Sheryl Crow dumped the pathetic snail of a man.

I don't remember what my point was, but I know there is one somewhere in there.

Poorboy, you are not bass-o-larro material! God bless!

If you go back to the CLF post that Poorboy got himself banned over, you will see he quickly deleted the picture of other people's fish he claimed he caught. Sneaky, but the guy who exposed him was smart enough to foresee Charly the Cheat doing this and posted a screen shot of his original fraud. haha Sorry Charly, but you can't delete the other guys's screenshot of your original treachery. You cannot erase your original sin.

Enough with your "I was just playing an online game on other anglers" story. No one's buying it or any of your fish stories. You were desperate after your short term ban, have limited skills to catch your own fish, and came back with stolen pictures and phony stories of how you caught them because you had no fish of your own. stop already! YOu were caught with your pants down. I'm sure you got great thrills knowing chumps were driving all over the lake burning gasoline following your concockted fishing reports. Well those days are over. The smog over the lake has lifted.

You can go on telling yourself that everyone in the world is just jealous of you, but now in your dishonesty, you'd be lying to yourself. Remember the fake you are and don't even trust the things you are telling yourself.

Critics, enough already. Cut the guy some slacks. Poor-Boy is just loving the all this attention, although negative. Best thing you can do now is ignore the comments he keeps posting here under silly names like Klinger and Klingon just to redicule my last name.

Poor-Boy has been tormented enough over a minor online mistake. Typing while drunk is not a crime. Move on, there's nothing here to look at. Go catch some fish and leave Poor-Boy alone allready.

Those pics! Where did you bought them??? Great job man! Nice pearch, bass and walters! Become a bassinlarro and show these douters whose boss!

Congrats on the Fish of the Weak!

First that, then the Angler of the Year Award for you!

Suckulent smallmouth bass. 5 bucks says the real story is you caught it on VMG brand shrimp, then ate it before you got it to Henry's for weighting!

Its not even that complicated. Taking that fish to henry's for a weigh-in was not an option. When you repeatedly harrass the employees and customers in the store and in the parking lot, you are then asked to leave and not shop there anymore. Knuckleheaded to not take it somewhere besides henry's to get a certified weight.

If that picture is legit, I do think it likely could have been the state record SMBass. To bad it didn't get weighed for real. Happily, I'm sure that fish will get caught again by someone else and he will give iet the weigh-in it deserves.

Yes!!! I predicted it two months ago, that Lance Armstrong was going to be stripped of all his titles for cheating. Well, it happined today! Cheats always get caught and come out so much worse than if they hadn't.

Just like Mr Pastrick, stripped of any credibility and dignity for the rest of his life. No one's impressed with this guy or ever will be again. Laughing sure feels good.

Now Lance Armstrong is in the Chicago news again because they wont let him run by foot in the Chicago Marathon. Man, is that guy is in dire strates! It's almost like he is not allowed to participate in life anymore because of what he did. He should have just mann-ed up and not lied.

I wonder what they would say if he tried to enter a Chicago fishing derby. He should try and see if he could get away with it without them realizing who he is. What if they even locked him out of a goby/softshell derby? I'm glad I'm not Lance Armstrong in this age and day. He'd probably even give up his one remaining nut to get his life back.

The Sports Media needs to start behaving like Woodward and Bernstein instead of like staunchitudinal PR Guys and Sports Agents, (Boston-era scrappers). The problem is, as you say, their aquesarial attitude. Even if they revere someone they should still do their jobs and report on them fairsquare and foremost. Not to mention that if they get obsessed with a sport they should realize that dealing with farisimal problems before they get this bad is actually what is best for that respective sport. I could say the same things about office and Washington politics but that is a whole other thread of threadbaredness. In the end, the Sports Media is going to end up blaming a lot of stuff for helping this end up in a bad way in the endgame, but I am ending up guessing that the Sports Media's not reporting on a pattern of fraudulence before it got to this level will not be one of those things that first comes to people's minds in the scheme of what really is going on on the performance level of being actually on the water in a boat.

The fish is definitely nice, but nothing special. I know my toddler twins have yet to catch one of that size, but everyone that gets out in Lake Michigan in Chicago has landed many that size or bigger. Here are some photos for proof

That's just one page from the photo album I found. Everyone in the photos has a smallmouth bass this size or larger. If all these amateurs entered 'Fish of the Week', there wouldn't be enuff weeks of the year to let them all win.

Man wins fishing tourney with fish stolen from aquarium

What a joke! Fishing cheaters are taking over the world. Lock them all up.

from nacho -

"I have read the pages and can see between the lines and it seems it all started when poorboy caught another member mplant1 posting a report with pictures about catching fish at montrose harbor when poorboy called him out about catching those fish at diversy harbor! "


As one of the few and honest contributors to that site, I feel the need to defend my name on this forum.

Sometimes I am purposely vague in my posts, only because I prefer not to let the masses know my "spot." I would never lie about where I was fishing. I simply omit location details. The knowledge I share though provides anglers the information they really need - fish are biting, get out there, catch some, and have fun!

Poorboy has a reputation for lying, posting fraudulent reports, and attacking the credibility of others.

Nacho is poorboy. Poorboy is nacho. Poorboy is a turd.

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