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Fish of the Week: Birthday bass

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Mike Jarvis met a goal last month and earned Fish of the Week honors for a birthday bass.


Here's the story from the 16-year-old from the Northwest Side:

Ever since I started fishing, specifically bass fishing, my goal was to get fish of the week in your column.

After searching for years for that fish, i finally caught it. I caught this 7 lb bass on may 22. I caught it on a wacky rigged 4 in senko in a little pond in dupage county. I'm not trying to keep it a secret, there really is no name, i affectionetally refer to it as the "puddle" because it looks like a big puddle its so small! The picture dosent really do the fish justice. The fins on the bottom were orange, with white tips! Almost like a perch. The entire body had a yellowish hue to it too. I caught somewhere from 50-70 bass between 10-15 inches and "Bertha." Just an awesome day which happened to land on my sixteenth birthday.

An awesome day like that deserves FOTW honors.

BTW, Jarvis is one of the main reasons that Taft has qualified both years for the high school bass fishing championship in Illinois.

This is nice to see.

The bad part of this is I never caught a bass that big. And I am something like three times his age.


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