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Chicago fishing: Turtle question

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Can anybody give a positive ID on this turtle?


I've seen some strange things around Chicago fishing, but I couldn't positively ID this turtle.

After we both came home, Norm Minas and I both made guesses that it was a common map turtle, but that is simply an informed guess. Turtles are not my specialty.


Check out this IDNR page on turtles. It certainly seems to fit being a common map turtle.

It was caught this morning by Norm, on a ripe soft shell, during an outing along the Kankakee River in the state park.


Frankly, I can't resist running the photo of Norm, the fabled Kankakee smallmouth fisherman, with a turtle he caught.

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That man knows every Smallmouth in the Kankakee personally. I think they just let him catch them so the can say hi to an old friend. I still think he looks like Gerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead.

From my cousin a very Knowledgeable turtle guy..

"female Graptemys geographica"
Not even full grown yet

It's good to know Norm and I are smarter than we look.

Hey, I resemble that remark.

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