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Chicago fishing: More on species list

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Philip Willink, a Ph.D. in the know for the fish division at The Field Museum, dropped a note about fish species around Chicago.


He put together a printed brochure, Chicago Lakefront Fishes, a few months ago.

Willink said,

There are 30 species in the brochure, even though there are scientific records for over 70 along the Chicago lakefront. Even more if you start including adjacent rivers and lakes (e.g., Wolf Lake, Chicago River, etc.).

A free online copy is available of the brochure by clicking here.

BTW, he also added:

If someone works for an educational institution, nature center, outdoor group, fishing organization, etc. and would like printed copies of the brochure to distribute for free, then they can contact me at
I do not have a budget for shipping, but we can figure out a way to get the brochures to them. There are currently enough in stock to be able to give away up to several hundred brochures at a time (or fewer if they do not want that many).

That reminds me, I need to update the original list of species caught by fishermen, which I posted more than a week ago.

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