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Chicago fishing: 2nd Chicago River launch?

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I hear whispers a second launch for smaller boats may be coming on the Chicago River near downtown.


Considering it took nearly a decade from the first talk of the Richard J. Daley Boat Launch (above) to its opening, don't expect anything to happen too quickly.

Two years ago at the formal opening for the Daley Launch, Mayor Daley mentioned his backing for another launch on the river.

Well, most of us assumed that would depend upon Chicago winning the bid for the Olympics, which did not happen.

Well, that second launch is looking like at least a possibility. But it is very much in the preliminary phases.

More to come, one way or another.

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Would`nt it be nice for the contractors that do work for the city to donate the materials and get a army of volenteers to build it. Would not cost a dime!!!

The ramp shown is at Western on the southside of the river right? Never dropped in there but also heard its open season on parked vehicles.. That would be a good drop in spot for a midweek cruise with the family! Hope ramp #2 gets put in!

That is the ramp, southwest corner of Western and the Sanitary and Ship. The vandalism situation appears to have been taken care of, via a number of means, including a blue light camera.

Dale. Keep us up to date on this. I know Walleyes Chicago would like to get involved in it. We have members that cover all the trades that would be needed to pull this off.
Thanks, John Mannerino, BOD Walleyes Chicago

Instead of building another new ramp why not finally open up the brand new thats been sitting vacant for about 7yrs just south of McCormick Place between 31st and 39th st. Brand new ramp and it's locked up and a string of huge rocks sit just beneath the waters suface at the base of the ramp....Build a ramp and never use it?

Poor Boy, that was never a ramp. It was just somebody (at Westrec I think) had the vision to know evenutally that would be a good spot for a launch and put in the space for a launch when the shoreline was redone.

Spoke too soon about the vandalism. Just had a call about another round late Friday at the Daley Launch.

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