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Wild Monday: Montrose beaver

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A mystery about the Montrose beaver is where it lives. And does it have a mate?

It has been seen regularly again this spring, as Bob, a faithful reader and occasional e-mailer noted. I think it has been seen for a year or two now.

The Montrose beaver is one of those great wonders of Chicago outdoors. I just love it.

My thought was that it lived in the pond on the golf course. But I haven't golfed there, I think, since it was renamed Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course years ago.

A golfer I asked said he didn't think it was living on the golf course. Though, as Bob pointed out, that seems like paradise..

Mike Repa at Park Bait said nobody seemed to know for sure where it lives.

I would love an answer.

Oh, and a photo would be nice too.

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It's a River Otter, not a Beaver - there are several in the Harbor System and Chicago River. Saw one at Montrose while Smelt Fishing a Few weeks ago, a Beautiful Sight indeed! Looks like a Muskrat (Long Thick tail, not Flat) with a High Humped-Back.

Are you positive on the otter? That would be even cooler. I have had this discussion with several knowledgeable people. I would really like to see a good photo.

This was it - absolutely:
We saw it both in the water and running along the dock. It's dark body on the pale background of the dock gave us clear indication of it's body shape, size, tail, humped back, etc.

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