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Stray Cast: Chicago baseball?

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It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Afterall, this Web log is named for the Stray Cast, which has snapped off the end of the outdoors column in the Sun-Times on Wednesdays since April 2, 2003.

Here's today's:

Watching the 2010 White Sox or bass-fishing Braidwood? Carlos Zambrano's contract or the IDNR's budget?

(Normally, I don't do an aside, but this is for you wise guys who were asking if I noticed they were still playing baseball in Chicago. Better have the rods ready, it looks like a long summer.)

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Would that the IDNR's budget was as inflated as Zambrano's contract.

It would be time better spent trolling for musky with a Mepps 0 on the Kankakee than watching the Sox.

Well, Norm, you made me rethink the Stray Cast. There are many things I mull on my morning rambles. The best of Stray Casts, what I strive for, is a razor-sharp concise assessment/comparison of sports and outdoors. You are right, the line about Zambrano and the IDNR budget is unbalanced. Better would have been Zambrano's contract or the state budget deficit (both too large). Or maybe the average Wrigley fan's baseball IQ and the IDNR budget (too small). (And please note I said Wrigley fan and not Cubs fan.) That balance would have matched the balance of the first sentence comparing watching the White Sox or bass fishing at Braidwood, both tough and challenging enterprises. And no Norm, I will not give trolling for muskies in the Kankakee as an apt substitute for bass fishing Braidwood. Trolling for muskies on the mighty Kank might turn up a big northern. That's probably more insight into the Stray Casts than has ever been done.

All this Stray Cast comes to is that when the sox lose almost all the fans go into hidding. Dale needed a little boost from a Cub Fan to get him out in the open again. Yes but he WILL hide again.
Ken S. (Go Hawks)

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